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WE HAD A BLAST at the 24th Annual Chosen Few Picnic 2014

Anybody who knows me can elaborate accurately on how I feel about music and while it’s not number one on my list it but it most definitely ain’t the last, however I have been very fortunate to be a part of a community of people and DJs who all have love and dedication for a genre that has evolved immensely over the years.

Every year there is all this buzz about the “big picnic” that happens around the 4th of July.  One would have to be living on another planet on the far most outer region of the intergalactic Degobah System (for my Star Wars Fans) to not know about the Chosen Few DJs and their annual Old School House Reunion Picnic.

Now just who are The Chosen Few?  As of 2012 the team consist of:

Wayne Williams       Alan King

     Jesse Saunders        Andre Hatchett

Tony Hatchett        Terry Hunter

Mike Dunn

The Chosen Few Picnic got its start back in 1990 when 5 of the current 7 DJs got together with their families behind the Museum of Science and Industry for some good food, softball bragging rights and of course some good ole’ house music. Over the years the get together grew and grew, while its growth forced the discontinue of the annual softball game (I wonder who had the last bragging rights) due to lack of space and thus here we are.  I like to refer to the event as the “World’s Largest Picnic” and others call it the “Woodstock” of House or even “House-a-palooza”.  Well either way whatever you call it, you know there are going to be some good times had by all.

On July 5, 2014 somewhere around 7am, Earhustle411 witnessed and experienced a fantastic event where the attendees were all on the same page for the day and that was TO GET THEIR “HOUSE” ON!!!

chosen few 4

Considering that I am a longtime “Househead” practically from day one and I remember when the event was just a few folks getting together for some food, fun and House music.  To see what it has grown into is nothing short of amazing.   I have been to several of the Chosen Few Picnics and each time I had a blast just being around people who have the same ideas in mind…to have a good time without any violence being part of the program.

The genre of House has proven that as influential music really can be its positive vibe can flow through the people and nothing can change the way it makes people feel.  I couldn’t agree more, music is the by far the most influential medium more so than television.  People have been known to do quite a few things because of music like laugh, cry, fall in love, fall out of love and unfortunately be violent.  The genre of House and its followers are about love, peace, togetherness and harmony but mostly getting “lost” its sound.

Check out Earhustle411 “on the move” at the 24th Annual Chosen Few Picnic:

Earlier this year the “House” community lost a true pioneer of the house sound, The Late Frankie Knuckles has been a big influence on the house genre and this year’s picnic everyone who hit the stage played a tribute to the man who was so giving of himself  and the genre that you could not help but love the guy and what he left as a legacy.

chosen few 1

Earhustle411 began its quest towards the big day with a countdown and focused on the guest DJs who were Steve “Miggedy” Maestro, Torin Edmond, Pharris Thomas, DJ Lil’ John and last but not least Greg Gray, (the ONLY guest DJ who has hit the CFP stage for many years) these 5 talented young men did a fantastic job and had the crowd going wild.

I have found that the first time “Chosen Few’rs” are often in awe of the atmosphere and the people.  What really shocks them is that there has never been any violence at the event.  My daughter Martrise was a first time attendee in 2012, even though she was raised on “House” music she was not necessarily a fan.  So I was shocked when she said she wanted to attend.  Needless to say she had a great time and has not missed a picnic since.  This year I introduced the event to my daughter in law Adrianna and my 2-year-old “Grand Princess” Niahla  who never misses out on an opportunity to dance.  I love the fact that I can share something so positive with the people I care about, it’s an AWESOME feeling!!!

chosen few 13

Martrise & The Grand Princess Niahla

Every year ChiTown celebs as well as celebs from all over come out to the event, like R. Kelly, LisaRae McCoy, Mya, Radio Personality Ramonski Luv, News Anchor Robin Robinson, Ten City, The Late Darryl Pandy and OMGEE!!!.…the list goes on and on, but you know the true celebrities of the event are the everyday people who come out year after year and support a great event like my girl Linda Redd aka The Duchess of House and my longtime friend John McIntyre aka The Ambassador of House, the many High School Alumni Associations, Bike Clubs, Fraternities and Sororities and I can’t forget about the many DJs who spin “House” all day everyday they contribute to keeping the movement alive as well as helping it evolve.


John McIntyre aka The Ambassador of House

In the beginning the event used to be free (yep!!..I said it!!! FREE!!) Now there is a charge of a mere $20 to gain access to the best gathering EVER!! While some are not pleased with there being a charge for the event but where else can you go and pay $20 and get 12 hours of House and be amongst an event so peaceful (I’ll wait while you really think about that!!).

I can’t wait until next year for the 25th Annual Chosen Few Old School House Reunion Picnic.  Turning 25 is a milestone for any movement let alone a simple gathering of people coming out to grill and play the nation’s best genre of music right behind Gospel.  You need not ask if I will be there, the question of the day should be “I wonder will I see (Enter your name here) at the Chosen Few?”


Charrisse & George Daniels2

Earhustle411 and the writing staff congratulates The Chosen Few DJs for putting on another year of this successful event.  We are so glad to have been a part of it.  Who knows maybe next year we can serve as the event’s “Official Blogger” (hint, hint).

       Enjoy some great footage of our amazing experience at the 24th Annual Chosen Few Old School House Reunion Picnic

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