Holy Cow: Plumber Finds $600K Worth of Cash and Checks Buried behind a Wall at Joel Osteen’s Mega Church

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While doing plumbing repairs at televangelist Joel Osteen’s Mega Church, a Plumber discovered some hidden treasure that was alleged to be stolen years prior.

Over $600,000 was stolen and was thought to be gone forever.  However, during the plumbing repairs, the plumber had to remove some tiles from the wall to reinstall a leaky toilet.

To his surprise, he found tons of envelopes of cash and uncashed checks.  News Station KRPC Channel 2 stated that the person that stole the money back in 2014 may have hidden the large amounts of cash in the bathroom wall.

The Plumber named Justin who works for a well-known plumbing company said he got a call about a loose toilet at the Church and went out to do the repairs.

While taking down the tile and insulation, he found over 3000 envelopes full of cash.  He immediately called the church’s maintenance supervisor and ended up having to stay at the church for nearly seven hours.

Houston police investigators later questioned Justin and removed the rest of the wall, discovering multiple bags of money and checks.

According to  Raw Story, “Justin said the church or HPD never thanked him or reached out to him about $25,000 reward money,” the station reported, referring to the reward that was offered following the 2014 theft. “Justin said he even called Crime Stoppers about reward money but never heard back. He even tried reaching out to Joel Osteen but hasn’t heard back.

The money was stolen in 2014 and according to Houston police, $400K worth of checks were stolen and $200K worth of cash which were donations received during the weekend of services.

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