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Day 4 Countdown To The Chosen Few Picnic – Spotlight: Greg Gray

Awwwwww right now Househeads!! It’s Day 4 on the countdown to the Chosen Few Picnic.  The spotlight focus is on DJ Greg Gray, lovingly I call him “Double G”.  This west side born and raised brother, started DJ’n in the mid 70s and admits he was making tapes with a relative before ever playing a before a crowd in 1981.  Back then he and few of his friends would play anywhere and everywhere just to be heard.  During his college days at Iowa State he had a radio mix show and eventually he became the campus DJ and toured around playing House music for people who as not been privy to the genre.


Greg Gray during his college days

Like most of us old school “Househeads”, Greg Gray enjoyed hanging out in venues like the Power Plant and the Music Box where any given week Wednesday through Saturday Greg most likely didn’t sleep.  It was during this time that “Double G” would be influenced by the Late Great Frankie Knuckles (RIP), Ron Hardy (RIP) and Farley Keith aka Farley “Jackmaster” Funk.  Interestingly enough Greg would have secured an internship at the Power Plant.  Working under Frankie would give Greg Gray a new outlook on music and how its influence and mysticism can truly touch the very soul of people.


Greg Gray & The Late Frankie Knuckles

Greg Gray being the professional he has made himself to be a force to be reckoned with.  His affiliation with the Nu Bang Clan allows him and his counterparts to set the pace and standard for Underground House Music (which happens to be his preference to spin) while he loves the classics, Greg is always going to kick the door open and  share the spirit of the underground.  Listen to Greg Gray’s most recent session on CyberJamz:



Fast forwarding to today, Greg Gray has touched the 1s and 2s in various venues and he has just recently celebrated the Big 5-Oh” and in those short years he has managed to live a full and productive life.  Having been active in radio, production, working a corporate gig, occasionally emerging from the “cube farm” Greg Gray truly has his life mapped out.  God has most certainly been blessing Greg and he is sharing those blessings with the world.


I can say for the 2nd time in this countdown I am excited for another one of my brothers in “Greekdom” (I see you with your hooks up!!!).  I am so sure you will blow the people’s minds away when you grace the Chosen Few Picnic stage. Greg says ” Music is one man’s expression to the world.  As a DJ, we convey that message to the masses!!”  I agree with you 1000% Greg.


Greg Gray and his Nu Bang Clan family, I’m sure will be in attendance and so will Earhustle411.  We are looking forward to hearing you do your thing on July 5th. Make sure to stop by and see us at our tent, we’d love to have you!!

Check out Greg Gray doing his thing on the 1s and 2s at WMC 2008 (Winter Music Conference) in Miami, Florida. 


Greg Gray at the Frankie Knuckles Tribute

Follow Greg Gray on social media and occasionally support Greg Gray and the Nu Bang Clan on CyberJamz.

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Source: Nubangclan.com, DeepHousePages.com



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