[Video] White Woman Calls The Cops On Black Real Estate Investor, Cops Threaten To Arrest Her For Harassing Him

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An African- American Real Estate Investor named Michael Hayes got the shock of his life when he went to go inspect a property he just purchased.

As he approached the property, nosy Nancy,  (Not her real name) the white female neighbor decides she wants to tell him he could not enter the property and that she would call the cops if he did.

Michael then tells the nosy neighbor to go ahead and call the cops while he waits.  Shortly after calling the cops, nosy Nancy, real name Tiffany Albert, decides to berate the Real Estate Investor telling him to get out her neighborhood.

The cops arrive and Michael shows him his proper paper work and indicated that the nosy neighbor was harassing him.

In this case, the cops were on Michael’s side and was disgusted with the nosy neighbor.

The cop tells him to keep the camera rolling and if he has any problems with her all he has to do is call them and they will come back and assures him that she would go to jail for harassment.

The nosy neighbor then tells the cops she’s friends with the sheriff in which the male cop responds, “I don’t care if you’re friends with the president,” he yells. “You’re going to let him do what he’s going to do. If you try to do anything to stop him, I’m going to take you to jail.”

The nosy neighbor, Tiffany Albert,  then yells, “Hurry up, do it and get out!” the woman snarls in Hayes’ direction.

“No, no. He can take his time,” a female officer chimes in.

“He can take all day,” the male officer concurs.

At Hayes’ request, and after he voiced his personal discomfort, the officers agree to stick around while he takes pictures of the property to ensure his safety.


See what happens in the video below:


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