[Video] Chicago Police Officers Caught On Video Telling Two Black Men “We Kill Mother F**kers”

Two Chicago police officers were trying to incite fear into two African-American young men when they pulled up in an unmarked police car and tells them, ” We kill Mother F**kers.

In the  wake of all the violence, police brutality along with young black women coming up missing, you would think they would have more sense than to incriminate themselves like that.

They obviously have no fear of being reprimanded or receiving any type of punishment knowing they are being filmed.

The community already has doubts and fears that the cops are the ones doing many of the shootings and blaming local gang members and this makes their assumptions appear to be valid.

One of the young men asked the cop what did I do? The cop then said you are walking in the street.  The young man said, no, I am walking across the street and the cop said, “yea illegally.”

After being informed that they are being filmed, the cop gets out the car and further tries to bully and intimidate the young men by trying to tell them it’s against the law to film him.

Once out the car, the cop said, ” Illinois is a two party consent state and I did not consent.  The young man said, “I’m recording myself, I’m on Snap Chat.”

The young man then said, you trying to hide your name tag, it’s Officer Hunt badge number 11442.  All of this officers cases should be reopened considering he openly admitted that he murders people and he obviously thinks he’s above the law.










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