25-Year Old Mason Lowe World Famous Bull Rider Dead After Bull Stomps His Chest

World Famous Bull Rider 25-Year Old Mason Lowe Dead After Bull Stomps His Chest

A world-ranked bull rider died from injuries he sustained during the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado, on Tuesday night, according to the Professional Bull Riders Association (PBR).

Mason Lowe, a 25-year-old professional rider from Exeter, Missouri, was reportedly bucked off while participating in an event that tests how long a rider can stay atop of an out-of-control bull. Once Lowe was on the ground, the angry animal, named Hard Times, stomped on the young rider’s chest.

An eyewitness told local CBS affiliate KCNC that after the incident, Lowe stood up and took a few steps before collapsing on the ground.

“He was thrown off the bull and while he was on the ground the back legs stomped him in the chest while he trying to get up,” Aurora resident Gerardo Alvarez told the station. “When he got up he immediately grabbed his chest and stumbled over to the exit and then fell to the ground again grabbing his chest before he could get out of the area. They took him out on a stretcher.”

Lowe, who was ranked no. 18 in the world, was immediately transported to Denver Health, where he died from his injuries.

Members of the bull riding community expressed shock and sadness following Lowe’s tragic passing.

The loss of Mason is devastating to us all,” said Sean Gleason, CEO of PBR. “Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and wife Abbey.  We are committed to doing all we can to ease their pain and support them during this difficult time.”

“Our entire rodeo family and every member of the Stock Show community is saddened by the loss of bull rider Mason Lowe,” said Paul Andrews, President and CEO of the National Western Stock Show. “Our hearts and thoughts are with the Lowe family, his fellow bull riders and the entire PBR organization. The National Western Stock Show and the PBR will have a tribute tonight in honor of Mason.”

PBR said it will conduct a special in-arena fundraiser for the Lowe family during the final event of the National Western Stock Show on Wednesday night, as well as show a video tribute to the late bull rider, who the organization called “one of the most popular and successful riders on tour.”


Source:  AOL

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