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Shark Tank’s Star Barbara Corcoran’s Brother Found Dead In Dominican Republic Hotel Room

Shark Tank's Star Barbara Corcoran's Brother Found Dead In Dominican Republic Hotel Room

Jonathan Corcoran, a retired New Jersey businessman and brother of ABC-TV “Shark Tank” judge Barbara Corcoran, was found dead in April in a Dominican Republic hotel room.

The news of his death, first reported by the gossip site TMZ and confirmed to Fox News by Emily Burke, who is Barbara Corcoran’s assistant, comes as the popular Caribbean vacation spot is making worldwide headlines because of a rash of deaths of U.S. tourists — many of whom became suddenly and critically ill at their hotels — that are being called puzzling and suspicious by the relatives of most of them.

“John Corcoran passed away at the end of April in the DR from what is believed to be natural causes,” Burke said in a statement to Fox News. “He loved and frequently visited the Dominican Republic. Barbara would like to respect the privacy of his children and is not releasing any other information at this time.”

TMZ said that Barbara Corcoran told the outlet that her brother, who lived in New Jersey, where they grew up, had gone to the Dominican Republic with a friend on what was his annual vacation. Corcoran said the friend, who was sharing the suite with her brother, found his body. TMZ said no one knows exactly what led to his death, though Corcoran told the outlet that she was told he had a heart attack. TMZ said that she was not aware of an autopsy having been conducted.


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