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Should The Guy Pay When Going On A Date Or Should The Bill Be Split? You Decide


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They say chivalry is dead, but not so fast.  Ear Hustle 411 asked a few of the fellas if they think women should share in the cost of date since they are in the beginning stages of getting to know each other.

Many of the more seasoned old-school men feel like paying for the date is the right thing to do.  They believe that a man is supposed to pay for the meal, pick up the date and treat her like a lady should be treated. 

However, the younger generation feels like going dutch is the right way to go. They are more apprehensive about spending their money on a woman who they aren’t even sure they will ever see again.

An online study showed that 33% of women go on dates with men just to eat free food, how bogus is that?

The ladies both young and mature feel like the men should pay for the date because they also feel it’s the right thing to do while a lot of the men think it’s a privileged attitude.

Women say it makes men appear more powerful, strong, sexy as well as confident.  This makes the women feel that the man is definitely interested in pursuing more time with them.

The majority of the younger men feel like women asked for equal rights and then flip the script when it’s time to pay the bill. The younger men want them to keep the same energy they have when going on a date as they do in the office, the home, or just in general.

Ear hustle 411 wants to know your thoughts;  Should a couple on a first date split the bill or should the man pay?  Chime in and let us know what you think.





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