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Did You Know Boxer Floyd Mayweather Owns Nine Skyscrapers?

Photo Credit: CBS

According to sites like Great Point Properties, Welterweight Champion and real estate investor, Floyd Mayweather claims to own nine sskyscrapers.  Not only is he winning in the boxing ring, but he is also killing it in the world of Real Estate.

A few years ago, Rapper, Actor, and Movie Producer Curtis Jackson a.k.a 50 Cent teased Floyd Mayweather claiming the boxer couldn’t read and the rumor grew like wildflowers.  However, not only can Floyd Mayweather read, but he also knows how to count up all the dough he is reeling in.

In a video where he is being interviewed, he clearly says, he is on a Rockefeller Project and that he owns nine skyscrapers.

Mayweather has won 50 matches and 27 resulted in knockouts. He has never lost one fight and seems to be winning hand over fist in the real estate arena as well.

Check out the video below:


Video Credit:  YouTube

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