[Video] Road Rage Causes Racist To Follow Black Man Home & Berate Him Calling Him Ni**er While In his Company Van

A black man by the name of Charles Lovett was followed home from the interstate near Morris road and 71 after a meaningless traffic dispute occurred.

A white man Jeffrey Whitman who happened to be a contractor for Uriah’s Heating Cooling Refrigeration berated him after pulling up in front of his home and said,”

“I just want to let you know what a n*gger you are,” the man says, after Lovett asks what he wants. “You’re a rude n*gger.”

Lovett then says,” I’m a n*gger because you cant read the street sign?”

The racist then accuses Charles Lovett of cutting him off and then calls him entitled.

Charles then tells him,” you feel entitled because I am black, I work for everything I got.”  He points at his Mercedes and says, ” You see that car right there, you think I got it for free.

The guy in the truck then says, Yea, whatever, Charles then say, “I work 40 hours a week.  He then said, ” thank you for calling me a Ni**er and showing me how stupid you are because I work and I have a college degree.”

The racist was driving a company van from Uriahs Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration, with a phone number posted 614-588-6176 and the state contractors license# 45668 which is located in Columbus, OH.

Lovett then says,” “I’m glad I got all this information that I’ll be sending to the state,” since you’re a state contractor.”

You would think he would not want to expose the company and put them in a negative light over something this small.

When News Reporter confronted the driver, he said he grew up using the N word and he was not apologizing.


See the video below:


See original video HERE


         “To Charles Lovett and the community,

I a pologize for my use of the n word towards Charles Lovett on Tuesday, July 24th. I understand that using the n-word was not only hurtful towards Lovett as an individual, but hurtful towards the Black community at large. Using the word was dehumanizing, unacceptable, and inexcusable. My actions reflect an unhealthy mindset I have developed and I need to work to change. I have served the Black community for the last 9 years, installing furnaces and water heaters with pride. My actions that day are not a reflection of my feelings towards the Black community. I also understand that racial tensions in America are higher than before, and I regret my part in contributing to that tension. I realize that words are hollow without action, and because of the hurt I have caused, I hope I have the opportunity to give back to the Black community that I have harmed in a meaningful way.”


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