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Neighbor Calls 911 On Hollywood Golden Globe Winner & Actor Ving Rhames Saying He Was Breaking In His Own Home

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I am sure you hear about all the reports of Black men being attacked by police,” Clay Cane said to Rhames.  You are a big star, but how does racism show itself in your life?”

The 59-year-old told a terrifying story of cops pulling a 9-mm gun on him.

“This happened this year. I am in my home, it was around 2:15 p.m. in the afternoon,” Rhames said. “I have a screen door at and then I have a wooden door. … I’m in my house, I’m in a pair of basketball shorts only. I have two English bulldog puppies. I hear a noise in my backyard but I’m thinking the puppies are just running around, and then I get a knock on the front door.”

Rhames continued his story: “I get up, I’m just in my basketball shorts — literally. I get up, I open the door and there is a red dot pointed at my face from a 9-mm. They say put up your hands, literally.  I just walked and opened up the door. … Then they said open the front screen door. They say do it with one hand so then I have to do it with one hand. My hands are up and they have me outside.”

There were a group of police officers, a police dog and the captain of police, Rhames also said.

Thankfully, the captain recognized Ving. The police claimed Rhames’ neighbor called and said a “large Black man” was breaking into a home.

” … Myself, the sergeant and one of the police officers went over to the house, which was across the street from my place, and the person denied it. So here I am in my own home, alone in some basketball shorts and just because someone called and said a large Black man is breaking [in,] when I opened up the wooden door, a 9-mm is pointed at me.”

Rhames realizes he is lucky that he was recognized.

“My problem is, as I said this to them, what if it was my son and he had a video game remote or something and you thought it was a gun?” Rhames said.

The story is terrifying, and we are grateful Rhames was not harmed. He asked a serious question about the incident: what would have been the result if he wasn’t recognized.

Rhames told a horrific story of having a gun pulled on him just this year by police at his own home.


Source: Ricky Smiley Morning Show

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