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Day 2 Countdown To The Chosen Few Picnic – Spotlight: Guest DJ Pharris Thomas

As you can guess I am so excited about going to the 2014 Chosen Few Picnic.  The guest DJ lineup is packed with some of my dearest friends.  So we are on Day 2 and the spotlight is on DJ Pharris Thomas.  


Pharris Thomas has been on the scene since the mid 80s starting his career at WBMX (now WVAZ FM 102.7).  Even before he became “The Heavyhitter”  or a “Ciroc Boy” he was always DJ Pharris to me.  Although Pharris spins hip hop and is now doing his thing on WPWX FM 92.3 – Power 92 he has never left his “House” roots.


Pharris has played in several venues in the Chicagoland area during his days of spinning House Music with some of the genre’s favorite DJs like Armando and Chosen Few DJ Andre Hatchett.  Check out one of Pharris’ mixes as it was played on WBMX


Having been in the DJ’n game for well over 20 years, he is going to grace the Chosen Few Picnic stage and address his longtime fans and let them know that just because he has transitioned to the hip hop arena he is still DJ Pharris and House is and always be his first love!! Either way I am proud of my friend and with that being said DJ Pharris Thomas welcome back to where it all started!!!

Earhustle411 family wishes him all the best and we will be in the crowd gettin’ our “house” on July 5th!!

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Check out more of DJ Pharris doing his thing on the 1s and 2s.


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