NBA Star Blake Griffin Is Ordered to Pay $258K A Month In Child Support

Blake Griffin has reached a truce with baby mama Brynn Cameron in their nasty custody fight — striking a deal on child support payment and custody right before they were set to go to trial.

Blake and Brynn had 2 children together during their 8-year relationship — and were supposed to get married back in 2017 … until he called things off at the last minute and started dating Kendall Jenner.

Brynn went after Blake hard in court docs — claiming Griffin left her basically homeless and cash-strapped when he bolted.

Our sources tell us a trial was scheduled to begin Wednesday — but, the two sides were able to privately hammer out an overall custody settlement … and now the trial is off.

We’re told the two have agreed on joint custody on the children. They’re both committed to co-parenting in a friendly manner for the sake of the kids.

As for Blake’s monthly payments — there’s a report he’ll have to fork over $258,000 per month … but, we’re told that number is wrong.

The terms of the settlement are confidential, but we’re told the monthly payment is “significant.”

As one source puts it, “Both sides are happy” and they’re ready to move forward with their lives.


Source:  TMZ



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