Laugh Today, Be Serious Tomorrow!! Chicago Comedian B. Cole Brings Laughter And Togetherness To The South Suburbs On Wednesday Nights

When life has hit you like a ton of bricks, what do you do about it?  Do you meet that thing head on or cower in a corner and let it take over?  Heck no!!…the best way to cure what ails you is laughter, it’s truly the BEST medicine.

Chicago comedian B. Cole, a veteran in the game since 1991 has vowed to cure the thing that ails people by making them laugh and do so uncontrollably.  His brainchild Welcome Back Comedy Wednesday is just the medicine people need to get their minds off of their troubles even for a few hours.

Photo Credit: B. Cole

On March 21st EarHustle411 Media Correspondent SunShyne was in the house for a night of “let it go laughter” and to celebrate the birthday of EarHustle411 fan favorite and supporter DJ Stevo, another veteran in the entertainment game.  She had no clue what she was in for.  We do know Chicago’s south suburbs will NEVER be the same!!

Photo Credit: Dean’s Photography

For a mere $5 was a night of laughter from comedians that was worth well over the few coins paid.

The evening’s “Laughologists” (yep we just made by that up) were Bobby Wright, Jay Gee, Torrence Scales who opened up for two amazing comedic heavy hitters Kenny Howell and Damon Williams.

Photo Credit: Dean’s Photography

Tears of laughter flowed from the eyes of the attendees like a child made to get their own switch off the tree for a butt whippin’ (if you’re under 40 you’ll catch that later).

It was non-stop boisterous, headache having, stomach hurting and high-fiving laughter all night long.  In the short 3 hours we can guarantee no one in the room gave a damn about their life’s troubles.

Rounding out the evening was an awesome performance by Chicago’s own Fel Davis. He crooned a few tunes while the patrons got their step on.  A nice ending to an already amazing night!!

Photo Credit: Dean’s Photography

If you’re in the Chicagoland area and just want to forget about life for a few hours make your way to the south suburb of Country Club Hills at V.I.P. Bar and Grill Dance Club on a Wednesday night for some uber side-splitting laughter.  You won’t be sorry or sad when you leave.

In the words of Comedian Damon Williams “Laugh Today, Be Serious Tomorrow”!!

We wish the birthday boy DJ Stevo many more birthdays to celebrate and much success to B. Cole with Welcome Back Comedy Wednesdays.

EarHustle411 will definitely be back!!

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