Holy Mother Mary!!! Two Catholic Priests Caught Having Sex In A Car By A Playground Near Miami

Two Catholic priests were taken into custody after being caught performing sex acts on each other in a parked rental car near Miami Beach, according to reports.

Diego Berrio, 39, and Edwin Giraldo Cortez, 30, were charged with lewd and lascivious behavior after passersby spotted their tryst in broad daylight inside a Volkswagen Beetle, which was “in full view of the public,” according to CBS Miami.

After receiving a complaint, police arrived at the scene to see the sexual acts still going on. The officers were easily able to spot the two, as the car was parked next to a playground and did not have tinted windows.

The two priests were so engaged that they didn’t notice when police were there until officers tapped on the window, according to CBS.

Both Berrio and Cortez are from Arlington Heights, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Berrio is a priest at Mission of San Juan Diego, while Cortez served at the St. Aloysius Parish in Chicago. Both were removed from the ministry, according to WPLG.

“It is our responsibility to ensure those who serve our people are fit for ministry,” Anne Maselli, a spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Chicago, told WPLG. “We take this matter very seriously.”



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