Man Steals His Dates Car and Used Her Car to Take Her God-Sister On A Date

A Memphis woman has a doozy of a terrible date story.  A man stole her car while they were out on a date and then used it to take out her godsister, WREG reported.

Faith Pugh says a man she knew from high school asked her to dinner, then showed up for their date without a car.  So they took her Volvo.

The man, Kelton Griffin, asked her to stop at a gas station and get him a cigar.
She went inside to buy it.

When she came out, her date and her car were gone. Pugh’s mother picked her up and they used GPS to track her car. They followed the signal to a drive-in theater.

Pugh says that’s where she found her car and the guy — with her godsister on a date.
They called police and Griffin was arrested on the spot.


Source: ABC13



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