[Video] White Teen Threatens Black Kids With Knife & Garbage Can Cover, Police Show Up & Arrest The Black Kids

Two young African-American boys can be seen sitting on the ground in handcuffs and eventually got arrested after being threatened by an older white kid with a knife. A woman videotaping the action stated that the cops pulled guns on the black children.

She said, “These kids can’t be more than 12 and 15 years old.”  She then said while the kids were on the ground, they were being eaten alive by mosquito and the cop got mad because she tried to give them a shirt to put on.

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The white woman who happen to see the altercation told the cops that it was an older white kid who was the aggressor.  She then asked why the cop didn’t go looking for him.  The cop then said he did try to look for him.

She said the older boy was white and around 17-Years old and he was calling the black kids the N word and threatening them with a knife and Garbage can cover.  She was alarmed that the cop only had the black boys in the car.

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When did the victims start getting arrested?   Chime in and let Ear Hustle 411 know what you think.


See Video Below:



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