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Teenage Girl Get’s Shot In Her Stomach Three Times But Took Time To Post To Facebook [ Video]

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A teenaged girl from Miami gets shot in the stomach three times yet she takes the time to make a Facebook video saying she’s bleeding and feels like she’s going in shock.  She also states, “Momma, I know who shot me but it’s good.”  We will assume that her adrenaline was on high and she didn’t know what she was saying.

You would think if a person was shot three times in an alleged attempted murder and they know who shot them, that they would want to state the person’s name who shot them to make the police investigation much easier.

You can hear her saying,” if I die, God forgive me for everything but Imma be good”.  She then says they even shot my home girl but Imma be good.

Ear Hustle411 prays that she’s o.k.

Check out the video below



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