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Summer Recap: The Chosen Few DJs Music Festival Did Its Thing Wakanda Style

As the Labor Day holiday is upon us and most of the kiddies have returned to school, EarHustle411 is set to take a look back at the summer’s greatest events we’ve had the pleasure of being media partners with.   EarHustle411 fan favorites The Chosen Few DJs has allowed us to participate with the annual Chosen Few DJs Music Festival which took place on July 7, 2018.

Househead fever had been in the air since last year’s event however the Chosen Few DJs always bring it with their yearly festival.  This year Wakanda Fever came to Chosen Few DJs Way at Jackson Park.

Househeads were READY and they got their “jack” on as they took over Daley Plaza for lunch.  There’s something about dancing like no one is watching during a lunch break. (If you don’t know, try it!!)

July 4, 2018 officially was dubbed as Chosen Few DJs Day when they took over the airwaves with non-stop House music from 9am to  midnight.  That’s right V103 WVAZ-FM had become WCFP-FM on the holiday for 15 hours of nothing but House, House and more House.

Photo Credit: Chosen Few DJs

While many of us “Housed” ourselves into an oblivion with the 15 Hour Takeover, EarHustle411 Media Correspondent SunShyne joined the in the “Wakanda Fever” fun of music, performances & fellowship.

Chicago’s very own Sheree Hicks first time Chosen Few performer hit the stage as she rocked the crowd and delivered an amazing, stellar performance….Take a look

All of the Chosen Few DJs lit up the stage as always but the shining moment for one long time Househead and phenomenal young woman was when DJ Mz Nicky graced the stage for the first time and smashed her set. She had people to stop what they were doing to get their “jack” on. Mz Nicky got the day started and set the pace for the rest of the event. Awesome Job Mz Nicky!!

Photo Credit: Martrise Hall (intern)

Another guest The Basement Boys ripped the soundstage apart with their tag teaming style of getting the business handled. This duo had the people moving and grooving like nobody’s business. If the househeads knees weren’t hurting after they got done taking them to another place, then their job wasn’t complete and that certainly was not the case.

Ralphie Rosario took the crowd back to the days of the Hot Mix 5 on WBMX with some super classic house tracks. It took everyone back to a time when life was carefree.

Chosen Few guest DJ Greg Winfield, a new comer to the soundstage did his thing with his soulful house. Event goers enjoyed the music that put them in the mood to groove to classic tunes from a soulful spirit. Great Job Greg!!!

EarHustle411 finally caught up with Chosen Few DJ and producer Terry Hunter on camera. He doesn’t do many interviews but it was our pleasure to have a quick conversation with the man whose touch is golden when he produces. Check it out:

All in all the Chosen Few DJs Music Festival never ceases to “bring it” every year and it gets more and more lively, leaving Chosen Few DJs Way with mountains of memories until the next time we all meet. It’s the biggest reunion event on the planet. Guinness Book Of World Records should recognize this amazing event.

EarHustle411 thanks everyone on the CF Team for allowing us to media partner with them and we will be right back next year.

Check out more footage of the Chosen Few DJs Music Festival:

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