Rapper Shoots Music Video Inside Florida Broward County Police Station Without Anyone Noticing

Florida raper IV Leo Little has pulled off the unthinkable.  He actually filmed a full music video inside of the Aventura Police Department.

He’s seen sitting on the ground directly in front of the Broward County Police car with his hands handcuffed behind his back wile gazing in the camera.

The scene changes as he is now dancing around the Police Department while performing his new music. He jumps on a desk and continues his performance while the Aventura Police Department Logo i clearly visible on the wall.

The video has garnered over 650K views on World-star Hip Hop Instagram page and growing.  No one in the police station was aware of the video production taking place nor was any approval given.

“There was no damage. It would have been petty on our part,” to try and charge Little with a crime, Bentolila said. “He didn’t try to gain access. He just came in and acted the fool.”

Steadman Stahl, president of Miami-Dade’s Police Benevolent Association, said Little’s actions were clearly arrogant, but not necessarily criminal.

The police department has since tightened security as a result of this mishap.



See full video here:  |Sound Cloud|



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