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Video: Huge Explosion Rocks Lebanon’s Capital Beirut Killing Many & Injuring Thousands

Earlier today a huge explosion hit Lebanon, Beirut Killing at least 80 and injuring thousands. The blast destroyed several buildings and shook the earth mimicking an earthquake. The death toll continues to rise as investigators try to determine the cause of the blast.

According to President Donald Trump, he stated that the Generals told him it was some sort of bomb that exploded and says the U.S is ready to assist Lebanon.

Hospitals are overwhelmed with the injured and those that lay dying. The blast was so loud, it was felt in Cyprus blowing out windows. In case of accidents The Accident Network Law Group can help.

What appeared to be a fire quickly turned to crackling lights, smoke and a huge explosion which damaged electrical companies as well as Government entities.

See video below:

Photo Credit: Ben Hubbard/The New York Times
Video Credit: CBS NEWS



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