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Day 5 Countdown To The Chosen Few Picnic – Spotlight: DJ Lil’ John

YESSSSSS INDEED!!! Househeads it’s Day 5 on the countdown to the Chosen Few Picnic and it gives me great pleasure to spotlight a very dear friend of mine, we go waaaaaaaay back to well I’m not going to go there, but let’s just say we’ve been friends for quite some time and go back like tubesocks with stripes, like School House Rock, Uncle Pecos on Tom & Jerry….OH ALRIGHT, I think you get it!!  (I couldn’t resist)

DJ Lil’ John (john john john john), what can I say about this brother that hasn’t already been said.  DJ Lil’ John has been in the DJ’n game FOREVER and has been providing mixes on the radio airwaves for almost 30 years from WKKC to WGCI to the Island of Bermuda!!



Lil’ John has made many a heads bop to his sounds but nothing can beat a Lil’ John “House” music mix.  He sets the airwaves on FIYAH every Friday night on Soul 106.3 with his Chosen Few DJ Mike Dunn.


DJ Lil’ John has caused turntables fires all across the world, he’s loaned his talent on stage with Uncle Charlie Wilson and the First Lady Michelle Obama.  He’s played in small venues to venues like sports stadiums.  Lil’ John being heard on 30-40 radio stations is nothing to “back spin” at, he has made himself to be a household name and what can Chicago be like without Lil’ John.  Check out an official DJ Lil’John Tribal Mix:



I am so very happy for my friend to have another milestone to add to his repertoire.  I have gotten my “house” on to his skills and now it’s time for the rest of the world to do the same. DJ Lil’ John will most definitely do his thing when he graces the Chosen Few Picnic stage on July 5th.


Earhustle411 will be there gettin’ it in right with you!! Make sure you stop by our tent and say hello!!

Follow DJ Lil’ John on social media and check out his website and podcasts.

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