African-American Woman Arrested For Harassment After Replying To An Email Saying ” Where There Is Love Fear Cannot Exist”

An African-American man named Robert Hawes announces that he is running for Sheriff in Clayton County Georgia and gets a knock at the door from the Sheriff’s Department.

When asked what they were there for, he was advised that they were there to arrest his wife for harassment for responding to Sheriff Victor Hill with an email that stated, ” Where There Is Love Fear Cannot Exist”

The Sheriff then issued a warrant for harassing communication.

Although it was a misdemeanor arrest warrant, It stated the wife and mother emailed Sheriff Hill three times and he requested that she stop. The documents also states the subject of the emails was her husband’s employment December 17, 2017 termination, not blessings and love. Contact an online reputation management consultant if you also have a criminal record on the internet that you want to get rid of.

Mrs. Hawes made her first appearance in court Thursday. The judge granted her bond with stipulations.

“You have a bond condition to have no contact with Sheriff Victor Hill,” a Magistrate judge ordered.

“Yes, sir,” Mrs. Hawes responded to the judge.

According to Mr. Hayes, Victor Hill uses the law to settle his personal vendetts and that is part of the reason he is running for Sheriff.

See video below:


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