Police Arrest White Woman After She Spray Painted Ni**as Keep Out & Other Racial Graffiti On Her Black Neighbors House

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A racist white woman was arrested after police forced their way in her home for spray painting racist graffiti on her black neighbor’s house.

Another neighbor that lives across the street from her put up a video camera after having issues with her himself.

The neighbor said he saw her shaking the can and spraying the racist graffiti on the black woman’s home.

According to published reports, on Friday, Toledo police arrested Patricia Edelen after she was accused of spray painting the words “Ni**as Keep Out” and “Hail Trump as well as a swastika.

Image result for pictures of Patricia Edelen toledo ohio

The vandalism is now gone due to several community members and neighbors who joined forces to wash away the filth from her brick home.

She has since been arrested.


See Video Below:

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