[Video] Police Knocks down Hispanic Man’s Door With No Warrant Points AR-15 At Him & Put in In Cuffs From A bogus Phone Call

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A young man says he came home from class to give his dog a bath when he heard a loud banging sound at his door; he asked who is it and before he can say anything else, two Topeka Police officers knocked his door down with AR-15 DRAWN and AIMED directly at him.

The cops told him to get on the ground and put handcuffs on him for doing absolutely nothing.

The cops did not have full disclosure of the person in which the witness described as having a large gun.  They only said a Hispanic male.

Kansas police claim it was an emergency case of mistaken identity. But the victim says the officers violated his rights.
Watch how this young man snaps completely off on the cops and they look completely speechless!

See video below:

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