Ear Hustle

Police Force Doctors To Do Anal Exam On Black Man For A Minor Traffic Ticket Then Billed Him $4,500, No Drugs Found

Police said he signaled too late. X-rays showed that he wasn’t in possession of drugs. The police said he told them he was hiding drugs in his rectum but he says the police are lying. Doctors refused to do the invasive procedure until the cops called the hospital’s chief attorney. So they drugged him and strapped him to a hospital bed.

They found nothing.

According to the Post-Standard’s exhaustive reporting, on Oct. 16, 2017, officers from the Syracuse Police Gang Violence Task Force pulled Jackson over for not signaling for a turn in time. To be clear, Jackson signaled for the turn, just not in time, according to police. The traffic violation gave the police the authority to make a “pretext stop,” which is a court-approved way for police to stop someone for a traffic violation but investigate a separate, unrelated crime.

When cops searched Jackson, who didn’t have a license, they found a bag of marijuana in his waistband. The officers also said that they witnessed Jackson lift himself so high off of his car seat that he had to stick his head out of the window, which they allege is an indication that someone is usually hiding something in their rectum, so they took Jackson to jail.

At the jailhouse, police say that Jackson announced that he was hiding drugs in his rectum. Jackson says that is a lie, which one must concede would be a strange course of action by someone so concerned with hiding things. Either police are not telling the truth or, at the very least, Jackson would be a terrible hide-and-go-seek player.

As they tried to book Jackson, police say he got belligerent, causing them to break his arm. To control him, the officers pepper-sprayed Jackson and then put Jackson in a “spit mask,” making it hard for him to breathe. Then they took him to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Hospital records show that when Jackson arrived at the hospital, he threatened to kill some of their staff members. They quickly determined Jackson’s truculence had nothing to do with the fact that his face was burning from pepper spray, he couldn’t breathe, he was wearing a mask and had a broken arm, so they gave him prescription sedatives to calm him down.


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