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JOB WELL DONE!!! Mary Datcher Founder Of The “Global Mixx Forum Shuts Chicago Down!!

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2014 has been the year of making things happen and Chicago Native Mary Datcher has been doing just that.  The 8th Annual Global Mixx Forum held on the weekend of August 15-17, 2014 was just what the City of Chicago needed.  Even if for a few days the minds and hearts of young people, old people...awww heck ALL PEOPLE who attended, their minds were not focused on the massive amount of violence taking place. This event sponsored by Parent Power Chicago set the bar very high and the more awesomeness we witnessed over the weekend, we can only imagine how the patrons were feeling.

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Earhustle411 had the pleasure of being one of the exclusive media outlets to cover the most talked about event of the summer .  Attendees were able to get information about the music business and the film business. We had a blast the entire weekend and the panels were OFF THE CHAIN.

We can show you better than I can tell you!! Checkout the footage:



Global Mixx is one of the most anticipated events that takes place in Chicago. Local artist look forward to attending and gaining that much-needed knowledge to sustain in the entertainment industry. The panelist this year included NO I.D from Def Jam, Grammy Award Winning Producer Maurice Joshua, DJ Hugo H, Mixshow Director on the Foxxhole station on Sirius XM Radio, Scott “Smokin” Sils from the Hot Mix 5, Art “Chat Daddy” Sims from WVON, Regina and George Daniels, Kayla from the hit TV series Bring It, Actor Mel Jackson, Producer Carlos King, Radio Consultant First Lady Khris Raye and so many more positive professionals.

We loved the fact that they all participated for one reason and one reason only and that was to give back. Some panelist we interviewed stated they wanted to give back because someone reached back and helped them and that help got them to where they are today. It was only befitting to extend that same hand.

Earhustle411 asked the panelists we interviewed over the course of the 3-day weekend how they felt about the violence going on in Chicago as well as the situation in Ferguson, MO and it seemed as if they all were in each other’s thoughts because they all mostly said the same thing.  Our youth needs guidance and more positive things to do and when you’re dealing with a society that doesn’t care, it makes it very difficult to find those that do care.  They also were in agreement that here we are in 2014 and we are still not handling race relations in an effective manner.

We cannot disagree more, if there were more things for the youth to do they would not have time for “wildin’ out” behavior as described by Art “Chat Daddy” Sims.

Famed Producer Carlos King said it best :

“These kids have nothing to do and what they are doing is their way of having some excitement….you can’t be the smartest one in your circle, if you’re the smartest one on your circle you will NEVER get anywhere” 

Although the weekend was long and very busy, we hope Mary Datcher has us right back there again next year and we thank her so very much for allowing Earhustle411 to what we do. She really did her thing with the 2014 Global Mixx and the Staff were all very accommodating  and helpful.

The 2014 Global Mixx event was FANTASTIC and for those who missed it, you missed a weekend jam-packed full of knowledge.   It was just a sheer blessing to be in the midst of everyone there.  we would suggest everyone bank on not making plans for the weekend of August 14-16, 2015, so you can be at 9th Annual 2015 Global Mixx. You won’t be sorry!!



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