CHICAGO: The 9th Annual Global Mixx Music & Film Forum 2015; The Incredible Recap!!

Chicago, every now and then you hear about an event that just blows your mind; a spectacular occurrence that makes you transfixed but most importantly an event that provides a wealth of knowledge that you can’t get from a text-book due to live industry professionals and mentors that are physically present.

CHICAGO: The 9th Annual Global Mixx Music & Film Forum 2015; The Incredible Recap!!

Ear Hustle 411 got the opportunity to experience that at The 9th Annual Global Mixx Music & Film Forum that took place in Chicago at the SAE Institute located at 820 N. Orleans over an incredible three-day weekend, August 14th– 16th.

CHICAGO: The 9th Annual Global Mixx Music & Film Forum 2015; The Incredible Recap!!

There were panels, workshops and Industry key-note speakers who made themselves readily available to speak with the audience members in attendance.


If you wanted to know who the heavy hitters are in the Music and Film industry and get the opportunity to talk with them face to face, this was the place to be among the industry veterans who’s who!

Chicago’s own Icon Mary Datcher CEO of Global Mixx out did herself this year with an exceptional panel that contributed to such a well-organized and very informative event which went off without a hitch all due to the professionalism of her staff and magnificent volunteers.

Mary Datcher

Friday night was the kick off VIP Reception “Honoring Women in Music & Community”  this event took place at the Velvet Room which was covered by the Honorary Chairperson, George X. Daniels of the Iconic “Georges Music Room” and Music provided by DJ Buckwild who kept everyone upbeat and on their feet.

CHICAGO: The 9th Annual Global Mixx Music & Film Forum 2015; The Incredible Recap!!

crowd shot 1

The Honorees for the “She Rock Awards” were Lateefa Harland aka Teefa,(Power92)  Amina Norman-Hawkins, Ang 13 and Loni House.

There was also a special performance by a young talented MC by the name of Chinchilla Meek who put a spin on the evening with her outstanding performance.

CHICAGO: The 9th Annual Global Mixx Music & Film Forum 2015; The Incredible Recap!!

This awesome experience didn’t end here on Saturday the event moved to the  SAE Institute which was the ideal place for an event of this caliber; it housed different departments units which made the flow of the event most memorable. The facility was top-notch with state of the art professional studios and engineering equipment which allowed the producers to show us how they actually worked. 

records on wall 1

One of the most talked about sessions was on Saturday, where the Film Participants held a speed mentor session for the registrants which proved to be highly successful. The mentors were ready with hands on and open for discussion. 

There was not one question that went unanswered as the mentors were excited about sharing their knowledge.  If YOU weren’t there, you missed an incredible amount of  vital information that you would otherwise spend thousands to learn from professionals already in the industry.


The Film Forum was filled with Film Directors, Screenwriters, Producers, Stylists and a panel with one of the most incredible Co-Executive Producers, Wendy Calhoun of the popular Fox TV Series “Empire” She was warm,  forthcoming and offered a wealth of information for the guests.

CHICAGO: The 9th Annual Global Mixx Music & Film Forum 2015; The Incredible Recap!!

The different segments were amazing starting off with the film editing workshop, Music supervision in film and Acting your way out of a Paper Bag” This proved to be an excellent forum with eye-opening results.

The event continued with The Hair& Make-Up workshop.  Not too many people realize the importance or significance of how the hair and make-up of an actor/actress makes a difference on the set.

CHICAGO: The 9th Annual Global Mixx Music & Film Forum 2015; The Incredible Recap!!

Screenwriting 101 in Film and Television Pitch” was a workshop in which the audience  were given very valuable information by professional industry vets in this workshop.  A tremendous amount of interesting questions were asked and the answers were equally as interesting and informative.

The Producer and Directors Panel were very incisive and razor-sharp with the vast knowledge and information shared with the guests.  The events for Saturday ended with the key-note speaker reception which was amazing.

Global Mixx Film Participants :

 Troy Pryor -Creative Cypher, Christopher Nolen, Melissa Chapman, Rob Diggy, Mariann Aalda, Charles Gardner, David Saunders, Jossie Thacker, Christiana Anthony, Akisha Lockhart, Rukey Styles, Latice Davis, Jessica Williams, Clint Evans, Monique Rooker, Anthony White, Michelle Hayes

Patti Gill, Nekia Nichelle, Tommy Sigmon, Dante Bacani, Tavores Johnson, Michael Issac, Clavin Evans,  Erica Duffy, Brandin Werlin, Sandor Williams, Joseph Chopin, Logan Stone, Shri Nycole Welton, Erica Waton , Warner D’Shaun, Emile Cambry, Alisa Inez

 On Sunday, The music forum was out of this world with an awesome “In The lab Production work shopwith Steve Silk Hurley an industry veteran along with Joe smooth, Naki The Beatman another industry veteran and Kosine who were all instrumental in the success of this workshop.

CHICAGO: The 9th Annual Global Mixx Music & Film Forum 2015; The Incredible Recap!!

 There was a vocal workshop led by singing sensation Terisa Griffin as well as sessions on Publishing and Financial Management, with Attorney Daryl Jones, Esq, Kevin Mc fall and Hustle Simmons. The forum was superlative. 


 A session on Styling, imaging, Branding,  how to get booked, Journalism and what every successful artist should know about took place and was something every artist should have taken advantage of.

Barbara McDowell, Don Black, Dennis Snipe and Mic Shane covered “The New Culture of Radio” with moderator, Caryn Lee concentrating on  Discussions on how to stay relevant in this music business, this was a session both the seasoned and unseasoned artist should have been privy too. 

The moderator for this session was none other than Georgie Porgie with panelist Steve “Miggedy” Maestro, DJ Skip and Lady D.  Some superb information was given that no one in the business should have missed.

CHICAGO: The 9th Annual Global Mixx Music & Film Forum 2015; The Incredible Recap!!

 “The music critique Lounge” was a session featuring DJ Buckwild, Ron Stewart, DJ Play, DJ All Styles and the only female of the group, Ang 13  with Mike Love as the moderator.  They gave a detailed analysis and an honest, professional assessment of artist’s music. They kept it 100% real.  No pacifying the artist or sugar-coating anything; they gave it to them in the raw and uncut.  All in all, it was very thought-provoking session.

 “Music Meets Politics” Workshop was amazing, Community Activist, Ameena Matthews from Pause 4 peace gave Ear Hustle 411 a tear jerking testimony regarding her life and how she beat death.  It was an emotional experience received by all.


 Global Mixx Speed Mentoring Session Panelists:

 DeWayne Holmes, Leroy Johnson, Jana Bonds, Johnny Bravo, Jeff Dillard,Esq, Steve Miggedy, Teefa, Kevin McFall, Kai El Zabar, . Georgeann Weisman, Regina Daniels, Dani Jackson, Greg Granit, Ricco Lumpkins, Dionne Williams, Ella Britton-Gibson

Anyone who considers themselves to be an Artist, Film Producer or Actor/Actress and was not in attendance; missed out on a wealth of information.  Ear Hustle 411 gives this event our seal of approval.  This was one of the best music forums that we have seen in a long time. 

We also want to give special thanks to David Nobel for his hard work in keeping everyone organized and his magnificent attention to detail along with the volunteers and SAE staff.


 We can’t leave out the wonderful sponsors for the evening that helped make this event a success.

Sponsors included Com Ed, Coca Cola and Monaco along with key event/media partners, caterers, and DJ partners (Blok Bizness).


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