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Soldier’s Act Of Kindness Shows There Are Still Good People In This World.

Two boys at a Taco Bell in Alabama were selling homemade sweets for a fundraiser and that’s when fate was put into play when Lt. Col. Robert Risdon Jr., walked into the Taco Bell and was offered to buy the sweets the boys had made.

He discovered they had not eaten and were very hungry. Having no cash on hand, he kindly bought the boys some tacos, in which this act of kindness was recorded and went viral immediately.

Risdon was embarrassed to hear someone recorded the act and he sternly believes we live in the best nation in the world where kind acts happen everyday.

The boys were selling sweets to support their local church and appeared to be cold and wet. Aged 9 and 13, the boys were extremely grateful for Risdon’s hospitality.

After sharing a conversation with the boys, the 9-year-old expressed his gratitude and told Risdon that he wanted to be just like him one day, which then after the boy saluted Risdon as well.

According to Risdon, this decision was a no-brainer since they appeared to be cold and wet as well as being very respectful and smart. He credits the Ranger’s Creed, which he lives by and states that, “Never shall I fail my comrades.” It was in his nature and duty to help them.

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