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Young Male Entrepreneur Makes A Cool $3Mil Off Of YouTube Videos

marques brownlee

The internet has made it easier to become an entrepreneur. Just this time last year I was reeling off of the fact that I one more step closer to signing a lucrative publishing contract due to my social media knowhow on Facebook and Wattpad.com. A year later my eShort Riverview High: Circumstances and my debut novel The Diary Of Aaliyah Anderson have been released to the market. I feel as if I’m now a walking success story that that should inspire more to use the tools that they have at their disposal to work towards financial freedom in 2015. However,  I still have a few skeptics who believe that my position was handed to me. Obviously, we have to prove these folks wrong somehow!

Meet YouTube superstar Marques Brownlee. He’s a 20-year old tech reviewer that has two million subscribers on his channel and hundreds of thousands of views for his videos. His lucrative YouTube career started in 2008 at the young age of 14 with a review of the HP Pavilion dv7t media remote. His passion for the analysis of technology led him to create tutorial videos and industry analysis that helped in building upon his loyal following.

To start out, after using this awesome service his views fluctuated drastically depending on the content of the video. However, he didn’t give up and kept consistently putting out his work. He caught his stride leading into 2011 and started putting up view count numbers that often ventured into the hundreds of thousands. He hasn’t looked back since.

Key To Success

  • Innovation

Innovation (Noun):  the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods

Being in high school, I know a lot of people that like to be up on the latest technology. They walk through with their parent-bought $600 phones and $300 Beats headphones praying they don’t get it stolen. Usually they’re caught up in the vanity of being up on the latest trend. There are other students that are incredibly technologically savvy but get caught up so much in the obsession of the culture that they don’t even think about monetizing their interests. Marques did!

Common sense should tell us that we shouldn’t want to work or do something that we don’t enjoy. It causes unwanted stress and eventually spills over into other aspects of our lives. We all have some type of hobby that we do in our free time. Mine is writing. Marques’s is analyzing technology and video blogging. Why doesn’t the idea of monetizing what we like to do ever cross our minds?

Living in America, with the capitalistic society that it is, you need money. That’s not a bad thing! It’s also not a sin to strive to be self-sufficient. If you try hard enough, you just may pull it off!  Let’s start 2015 off on the right foot family. I urge you to evaluate how you spend your time. What do you enjoy to do when you’re not working a 9-to-5, tending to your social life or providing for yourself and your family? When you figure this out, research it viciously. Then, when you gather enough knowledge on it, plan and execute. Don’t forget Randall inspired you to do the task either!


Check out Marques’ technological reviews and commentary on YouTube!


Source: Urban Intellectuals

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