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Black Owned Vegan Makeup Entrepreneur Ink A Ginormous Deal With Target

When entrepreneurs go on the TV show Shark Tank sometimes they end up getting their feelings hurt and not because they aren’t being backed by one of the Sharks but they can be very brutal in their approach or bottom line.

One black entrepreneur made her way to Shark Tank, after she was literally laughed off the show she got on her grind and showed those Sharks they were wrong about her product. Now although she was told her product would be “crushed like colorful cockroaches” she’s laughing all the way to the bank!!! She’s penned a phenomenal deal with Target with her unique vegan created makeup.

Well that’s one way to get the last laugh!!
Congratulations to The Lip Bar maybthey have major success!!

Read more as reported by Atlanta Black Star:

A Black female entrepreneur is getting the last laugh after inking a major distribution deal with retail giant Target.

Former Wall Street financial analyst Melissa Butler pitched her unique beauty brand, The Lip Bar, to investors on ABC’s “Shark Tank” last year and was nearly laughed off the show. Businessman Kevin O’Leary failed to see the viability in Butler’s company, telling her and her creative director, Rosco Spears, they’d be “crushed like colorful cockroaches.” Ouch.

The ladies have been putting in work since then, however, and gladly announced their new deal with Target on their website last week.

“What is life???? We’re launching in 43 Target stores in just three more days!” Butler wrote. I know, it just doesn’t seem real, but it is. We have gone from being made in the kitchen to being sold on Target shelves. Along with this launch, you’ll be able to cop our target exclusives, lip gloss Baddie & liquid matte Unimpressed! We’ll see you babes at your target in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, NYC and the DMV! We live baby! Thank you for the love!”

The brand first rose to fame on social media after becoming one of the first Black-owned vegan makeup brands, according to Essence.com. Now their products will be available for all to try at over two-dozen Target stores across the country.

Congratulations are in order for these beauty queens.

Source: Atlanta Black Star

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