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Young Entrepreneur And Philanthropist Jeremiah And Joshua West Become “Change Agents” To Inspire Children Around The World

Jeremiah and Joshua West

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Meet brothers Jeremiah and Joshua West, now 10 & 7 years old respectively, who, thanks to parents who demonstrated what can happen if you listen to and believe in your children, nurtured their young hearts’ desire to display compassion, are now published authors and philanthropists. The West brothers put their desires in motion by being “Change Agents,” those who inspire children all around the world (as far away as Malaysia) to give back to the less fortunate in their community.

The brothers hail from Greece, NY (a small town in Monroe County) and attend West Academy school.

Jeremiah and Joshua knew that they wanted to help people in need when they saw homeless people on the streets. But they also knew that they wanted to inspire other kids to do the same; so they wrote a children’s book called Champions of Change: Live to Give which they plan to develop into a series of books. The book shows kids how to earn money, save money, and ways to give back to those in need.

On the cover, the West brothers are befriending a homeless man and helping him by giving him food. The brothers have even developed initiatives that will help other kids become interested in volunteering. And as examples of how to affect change, Jeremiah and Joshua held several events last year which give their peers ideas on how to contribute to their communities (see a partial list below)

Champion Of Change

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 – Two Christmas parties for the homeless where they gave gifts and meals to over 200 people

– “Feed a Family” Thanksgiving event where they collected and donated 1,300 pounds of food to 42 families that didn’t have much on the holiday.
– “Birthday in a Bag” event for 20 children who were in foster care and didn’t get the chance to celebrate their birthday most of the time.
– “Kids Fun Run” event where they raised over $3,000 for a six-year-old child with cancer.

The events inspired more than 200 other children to volunteer and the brothers hope it will inspire them to create their own events. In an interview the brothers said it was their parents, who were writing a book, that inspired them to do the same.

We salute these young brothers and offer our full support to them and those they inspire!

Watch one of several (but not enough) news reports about them directly below.

Source: Eur This N That

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