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EarHustle411 Kudos: Young Millionaires Of 2015

EarHustle411 supports our young people doing great things.  Being a success is not based on age, race, creed or anything like that, in addition educational status is not a major factor either.  So there are no boundaries on what is success actually looks like.  Young people of today who are determined to make change happen really push things to stratosphere limits.  Those who have set the bar high for themselves and choose to become entrepreneurs, we salute them.

Take a look at  a few of 2015’s Youngest Millionaires.

Congratulations to the young business men and women on their much earned success from EarHustle411 and the writing staff!!


Emily Weiss

Image credit: Ewan Burns

Emily Weiss, owner of Glossier.  This young lady is doing “IT” in a mighty big way.  She  sometimes runs her venture 2 different ways, either as a product company or an online media company with a merchandising arm extension.  She knows that women have very little time to do everything but looking fresh is important and her reasonably priced products will do just that.  If Emily runs Glossier in one way or another, either way she must be doing something right.  YOU GO GIRL!!!

Max Mullen

Image credit: Jeff Clark

Max Mullen has taken grocery delivery to another level. He has vowed with his company Instacart to deliver the best picked produce and other grocery items for the customer and have them delivered within an hour of their ordering.  So his clients are raving about his company and the service he provides.  AWESOME!!

Austin McChord

Image credit: Jude Edginton

Austin McChord founder of Datto, is determined to protect consumers, organizations and their information in the event of a disaster or server crashing.  In this extremely high-tech society, out information is always being compromised and sometimes things just break down.  Several companies have emerged with the ideas and ways of protecting information and it is quite costly.  Austin’s company Datto is determined to take his proprietary software and his high petabyte private cloud server and make sure his client’s information is virtually untouchable and therefore safe.  TOTALLY AWESOME!!

Taso Du Val

Image Credit: Natalie Brasington

Last but not least is Taso Du Val.  This young man is a different kind of success story.  He dropped out of high school and look at him now!! His passion for technology is why he dropped out and with a chance given to him by Fotolog as a lead engineer and as they say the rest is history.  His company Toptal is a staffing solutions company that helps other engineers land great jobs.  Talk about paying it forward!! FANTASTIC!!

Source: Entrepreneur (Photos)

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