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A White Woman Who Was Determined To Become A Black Woman Completes Her Transformation

It’s often quoted that imitation is the best form of flattery however in this next post EarHustle411 and the writing staff are taken aback. A woman from Germany has made it her life’s mission to not changed her outward appearance from being a white woman to a large breasted black woman.

Martina Adam underwent several procedures on her road to shedding her naturally white skin including getting extremely large breast implants. As much of a difficult time blacks are having all across the world, why would this woman go through this change.

Women who are not of color as well as of color get body enhancements all the time and the enhancements vary depending on the individual’s preference.  However Adam has went from one extreme to another and in our opinion it’s borderline offensive

Social media is going completely nuts over this transformation especially black people they’re claiming she’s making a mockery of black people.

Read more as reported by The Grapevine and tell us your thoughts:

Photo Credit Martina Adams (Facebook)

Move over, Rachel Dolezal; there’s someone else out there with even more issues. German “model” Martina Adam, also known as Martina Big (because of her insanely huge breast implants and appearances on Botched), has completed her transition into a “black” woman.

Dudes, it’s Friday. Why not end the week with a bang?

Here’s a photo of Adam as a white woman in 2016:

Photo Credit: Martina Adam (Facebook)

And here’s Adam as her new self, something she’s referred to as a “black” woman:

Photo Credit: Martina Adam (Facebook)

Adam has been making media rounds in Romania talking about her transition, and it’s absolutely harrowing.

Adam has also spoken out about her experiences as a “black” woman and has complained about people not believing that her passport is valid.

“I’m a black girl with black hair, so I have to change very soon my passport,” Adam says in the video below. (***Original video deleted from Facebook)

Just so you know, I’m currently sitting at my computer contemplating life. Not mine, but hers. What went wrong? When did it go wrong? Why didn’t anyone intervene? Who is the doctor doing all of this mess? These are just a few of the questions circulating around in my head.

And before the question pops up for the millionth time as to why it’s OK to be transgender and not “transracial,” I’ll let transgender activist and writer Kat Blaque explain:

I can’t help wondering what Dolezal would say about this. But I think she’d probably give her “black sista” a high-five.

Source: The Grapevine

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