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Life Coach Linal Harris Steps Out On Faith, Vows To Transform Lives & Launches His First Summit “Murder Mediocrity”

Linal Harris having been in the Corporate America structure for several years with his most recent position in Senior Leadership with U.S. Cellular as Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer where according to his impressive biography he developed and led third-party labor, supplier diversity, diversity strategies, talent enablement programs, and community outreach through the company’s employee resource groups.

Taking his life and future in his own Harris embarked on a journey of entrepreneurship and to transform peoples live so that they can know their purpose and be their absolute best selves.  This media professional, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker who’s always prepared for a challenge stepped out on his faith and his dream to host a summit for people who are ready to take their life into another direction therefore putting themselves in position to Murder Mediocrity.

Photo Credit: Linal Harris

The presentations by invited guest speakers Dr. Stevenson and Love McPherson on love and relationships paved the way for Comedian Damon Williams to share his experiences on his 25 years as a “laughologist” and how his persistence and consistency while remaining relevant has led to his longevity in the entertainment industry.

Williams hailing from Chicago exhibits the formula of what it takes to sustain a career in entertainment.  With the industry being saturated with comedians both male and female.  It’s his personality, love for people and natural ability to bring out the best in others.  This former Subway Sandwich Shop owner turned comedian who has often used his comedic talents and connections to provide a platform for up and coming comics to showcase their God-given talents.

Damon’s motto “Laugh Tonight, Be Serious Tomorrow” resonates and permeates the inner core of his followers.  If laughter is the best medicine, Damon Williams is just the right doctor to prescribe it.

Photo Credit: SunShyne & Damon Williams (Quote)

Matt Sapaula of PHP Agency had a heart to heart conversation with the attendees about the perils of money and his experience of being more than “just over broke” and stepping out on faith to begin his own business as a financial entrepreneur by way of the insurance business.

Sapaula spoke on the power of mentorship and the difference it makes when running a business alone as opposed to having a strong support system which could make the difference of becoming that desired millionaire sooner rather than later.

The Money Smart Guy as Matt is known by in the financial industry is all about sowing seeds into people’s lives.  When he got started in the business of finance someone showed a seed for him and he was going to pay it forward to one attendee at the Summit.  This was his way of contributing to the cause of murdering mediocrity because someone did it for him.

Photo Credit: SunShyne

Last up was none other than Linal Harris, the founder and creator of the Murder Mediocrity Summit.  Harris hit home with his segment of Purpose and Spirituality.  He says ““The more you are connected to your spirit the more you are connected to your purpose“ and “Will you die and leave your potential untapped?”.  These two questions caused the attendees to have an “aha” moment because Linal’s presentation did more than give the attendees hope it really hit home for every last one of them.  Linal Harris went into depth about self-worth and he shared a turning moment on his journey of purpose and spirituality when he made the choice to take his own life in the supreme power of his own hands. During his trip he took to Ghana, not only did Linal go back to move forward with his life and his purpose he is determined to bring the powerful experience he received from his trip to Ghana and change more lives and has vowed to transform lives but his ultimate goal is to transform the lives of black people.  This is exactly what “murdering mediocrity” is all about!!

Photo Credit SunShyne


EarHustle411 and the writing staff would like to congratulate and thank Linal Harris and his team on a very successful event and for having us in the building for his first summit. We see the Murder Mediocrity Summit  on path to becoming bigger, better and a most sought after event to change the minds of people who are determined to take back their lives.

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