Homeless Man has an amazing Transformation; He was at a loss for words After Seeing Himself For The First Time

Homeless Man has an amazing Transformation; He was at a loss for words After Seeing Himself For The First Time

Former electrician Jose Antonio, who lost his way in life and ended up homeless after suffering depression, is shown sitting at a chair in front of a mirror before his makeover, telling the cameraman: ‘Leave the doors over the mirror open for the moment so I can see myself for the last time like this.

‘Then close them to see if when they open again, it’s as if something else really opened up in my life, like a symbol.’

His emotions got the better of him when he was shown the result, tears flowing down his cheeks as he gasps: ‘F***, My God, this is incredible, is this me? I’m so different, no-one’s going to recognise me unless I tell them who I am.’

The cameras followed him as he donned a pair of designer shades and stepped out onto the streets of the neighbourhood where everyone knows him by his nickname of Josete dressed in an immaculate white shirt and red drainpipe trousers.

A couple of women stopped to compliment him on his looks as other locals let in on the secret of who he was showed their astonishment.

He ordered a beer at a terrace bar next to where he spends most of his days, laughing as the waiter walked away without recognising him before revealing his true identity. One local couldn’t resist asking him: ‘Where’s your Ferrari, mate?’

The video was shot in the Majorcan capital Palma in July 2015 but has only gone viral in the last few days after its release for the first time.

Jose Antonio, who is now clean-shaven and has retained a healthier look although he has got his grey hair back, is still looking for work.

He is off the streets now and admitted today in an interview with a Spanish TV station, where hair salon owner Salva Garcia revealed Jose Antonio had received financial assistance from a company which wished to remain anonymous: ‘It wasn’t just a change of look. It changed my life. What I want now is a proper job.’

Graciela Aguero, an Argentinian who saw the video of the transformation after the footage reached South America: ‘I became so emotional when I saw his smile.

‘God wants to change his life just like he does his appearance.’

Local Paola Bocardo added: ‘I’m lost for words. Jose helps me to park my car every day. When we saw him after his makeover we didn’t recognise him. He’s a wonderful person and the video is amazing.’

Source:  Daily Mail Co UK

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