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The Sleeping Giants Are Awakening- Black Pride, Black Power, Black Ownership, Black Love, These Are The Words Of Melanin Sut Tekh [Video]


The Sleeping Giants Are Awakening- Black Pride, Black Power, Black Ownership, Love Your Own First!!!

We came across this video of a young lady that goes by the name Melanin Sut Tekh via Face Book.  This young lady is brilliant in her format.  In the wake of all that is happening across America and the world with young black men being incarcerated  by the thousand for petty crimes and killed by police, it appears that black people are finally waking up.

Melain Sut Tekh is demanding that black people come together as one and unite.  She is demanding that the spending power stays in the black communities.  Melanin goes on to talk about black love and respect for each other, she talks about how the spending power of black citizens in the U.S is incredibly remarkable and upwards in the trillions of dollars being spent in other communities.

She goes on to say that blacks need to address black issues privately among themselves and that others should just stay out of black peoples business.

Starla Muhammad said,”Black people pooling economic resources is not an unrealistic fantasy or “wishful thinking” naysayers often suggest. In fact, nationwide, efforts large and small are underway to put into motion the means and methods of making economic development and economic growth in Black communities not just a slogan but a functioning reality.” The time is now to establish institutions that can create jobs and promote community development, said advocates.

These black dollars are not being circulated back to the black communities but are being taken to the Jewish, Arab, Asian, white, Indian and other communities where they don’t even like nor respect black people.  Those dollars can be used to help the underprivileged, Build Schools, Gas Stations, Stores, Colleges, Banks, Hospitals, and many other successful businesses.

Many advertisers seldom have African – Americans in the media and marketing plans and have underestimated the market size of their spending power yet black continuously spend their money with those that are only interested in just that, their money.

The money  however that is being taken out the black communities are being used to build empires and legacies for people that do not look like you, It’s being used to educate future business owners, doctors, lawyers, Engineers and much more to say the least; this in turn helps their communities thrive.

Take a look at what Melanin Sut Tekh has to say on the video below:



Video Source: Melanin Sut Tekh

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