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Food For Thought: Until Jutice Is Served For Alton Sterling,  “We Won’t Spend A Dime Until They Do Time”

Until Jutice Is Served For Alton Sterling,  “We won’t spend a dime until they do time”

It appears that the cops have literally lost their mind.  Almost every encounter with a black man or woman ends in his/her brutalization or his/her death. 

It’s always the same scenario being played over and over again with the same ending results with all talk and no action among our brothers and sisters.

Black people have protested, Prayed, Cried, and marched to the moon and back several times and yet racist white America laughs at you.  They laugh because they view the black man/woman as weak cowards that would rather yell and scream vulgarities at a cop and pull out a phone to record their brother/sister being beaten to a pulp or murdered without so much as lifting a finger to help.

They have black men so spooked, they would rather turn on their own as opposed to helping their own brother, mother, sister or father or so they say.

The end result is always the same, The cops are investigated by their own, go on trial with a jury full of cop loving racists and a judge that will impose a guilty verdict only if their pathetic life depends on it.

The end results ladies and gentleman is always the same.  NOT GUILTY!!! AND NO CONVICTION!!!

Until Jutice Is Served For Alton Sterling,  “We won’t spend a dime until they do time”

See not all white people are racist, as a matter of fact, there are plenty of white Americans that are ashamed of the carnage caused by racist cops, they will march with you, protest with you and even fight with you. They know the truth.  They know what their brothers and sisters of hate are capable of yet you view them all the same sort of how they do black people.  We are all very much alike in more ways than we would like to admit.

Black America specifically, we need you to stop shopping unless it’s absolutely necessary.  Things such as Food, Toiletries, Gas, regular household bills etc. are acceptable  Do not buy any clothes, shoes, video games, Electronics, Cars etc. if not 100% necessary.  Did you know that  Black Buying Power To Top $1.1 Trillion?

“We Won’t Spend A Dime Until They Do Time”

When you spend money in other communities it does absolutely nothing for you and your people, the only thing it allows you to do is show off among your own, that in itself is ridiculous.

If your ancestors could endure picking cotton in the blazing 110-degree sun for 15 hours a day, being beaten, raped, not allowed to vote, own land, read, write and still managed to stick together, you surely can make a sacrifice if not for yourself, do it for them.  You have to get them where it counts and that is in the pocket.  Let’s crash the stock market if we have too.  They underestimate our unity, strength and our ability to unite. Let’s make America Great Again by supporting our own, buy from our own, If you have a skill teach it to your own, circulate those black dollars back in your own community,

We have to also get healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.  We have to stop the bad diets, eat right and exercise.  We have to look out for one another and stop being selfish and hateful towards one another.  We have to make those accountable for hurting anyone in the neighborhood regardless of who you are.

In order to build, we may have to tear down and start over.  we have to retrain the brains of our young ones and if you are terrorizing the neighborhood, you will be dealt with swiftly by your own.

Every ethnicity has their own town or neighborhoods where they do business among themselves.

You have China Town, Little Italy, Greek town, Polish Triangle, Pakistani neighborhoods just to name a few.

We have to buy up some of these abandon buildings and start building our own community just like Black Wall street before it was destroyed.

We have too many black people with skills to be in the condition we are in, if we can just stop for a moment and think how awesome it would be if we had our own bus company, Cab company, Financial Institutions, Schools, Museums, Theaters, Airline, Grocery Store’s and Hospitals. How amazing that would be.

We have to make demands to our government and have an agenda. Without an agenda and a demand with action behind it, we will surely end up in the same position 100 years from now.

Black people, the time is now either put up or shut the hell up!!!!!

If you’re with us, We ask that you put this hashtag on your page…..

#We Won’t Spend A Dime Until They Do Time.”



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