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Young Lady Snaps On NBC News Correspondent Curt Autry For Racist Comments He Allegedly Made To Her Face Book Page

Young Lady Snaps On NBC News Correspondent Curt Autry For Racist Comments To Her Face Book Page

A young lady who goes by the name Chyna Fox got into a heated debate via social media with NBC news correspondent Curt Autry where she said he made a disrespectful racist comment about her deceased father being a swirl.

The conversation started when Curt posted a picture of himself and an African-American man with the same last name (Autry) he said that they were in communication and found out that their lineage traced back to the 1700’s and to the same town  named Autryville, NC as his family and there was a possibility  they could be related.

Chyna said she told Curt they are probably related because his family probably owned the black mans family or his great-great Grandfather could have raped the black man’s great- great Grandmother.

She says he then made comments about her light complexion allegedly signifying that she may have some white in her where she corrected him and points out the obvious that her father is a black man and that white people holds the recessive gene and that black people hold the dominant gene thus creating all things from green, grey or blue eyes.

She said,

Curt Autry you are the prime example of a disrespectful, racist, wealthy, white elite media TRASH that I’m talking about. You come on my page and call my DECEASED father “a swirl”? How dare you! NBC *this* is who you represent? Never trust the media. I’m disgusted.

The rape and abuse of black slaves isn’t a fucking cute news story. Disrespecting BLACK woman who knows her history isn’t going to work either.

Check out the video below:


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Christopher NaPier

    December 20, 2015 at 8:25 AM

    Hmm if the language of earmark ingredients her dialog “White People” was interchanged with a white person talking of Blacks in a verbal form (and please exude my expletive) ” “N” word boy there would be all hell you pay.

    Now for the “Swirl” comment made by Autery, we are better word may have been “blend”.

    As for Ms. Fox understand your frustration, but to be Devils advocate, seems you have made some assumptions on Mr. Attires family lineage with merit or just cause. And the “my people, my people language”..

    Aren’the we all Americans, do we not love and hope for a better future learning from the past facts and events?

    This story is a total mess on both sides but I feel it was in some ways blower out of proportion and fueled with racial indigenous slurs of hate and intolerance. We as a people are better than that, I would have hoped but apparently not.

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