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Texas Man Is Forced To Pay 21K In Back Child Support Even Though DNA Proves He’s Not The Father

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Ear Hustle 411 came across this story from Daily Mail, A Texas man who’s finally no longer required to pay child support after 13 years of bank-breaking wage garnishment still owes the state $21,000 in back payments And the girl isn’t even his.

Willie Carson says he suffered for years as he struggled to make monthly payments and now that it’s been proven he can’t possibly be father to the girl, who he’s also never even met, he may still be forced to pay up.

According to Texas state law, he’s required to pay any outstanding payments owed, as well as any accrued interest.

All this, despite DNA tests proving unequivocally Carson is not the father and all because he was initially named on the birth certificate by the mother.

‘I’ve never seen the child. I never spoke to the child. I don’t know what the child looks like,’ Carson told MyFoxHouston.

Nonetheless, because of his garnished paychecks, he says: ‘There were days that I didn’t eat. I went without electricity.’

Carson has a court appearance on Monday, one he hopes will save him from losing all his hard earned cash to what amounts to a clerical error.  ‘I’m hoping for it but the judge has the last say so,’ he said once a court terminates the parent-child relationship, when will the man’s duty to pay child support end?

In Texas, the answer is: when the man is finished paying. The termination of the man’s parental rights ends the obligation to pay future support, as of the date the order is rendered.

However, the order does not eliminate any child support obligations before that date or any interest that has accrued.

The man is still responsible for arrears that accrued up to the termination date, as well as for interest that accrues after the termination date.

SOURCE: DailyMail UK

Written by: Josh Gardner

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