Major Changes In How Child Support Is Calculated In Illinois Takes Affect on July 1, 2017

In Illinois things are changing for the better as it relates to child support.  Instead of one parent’s income  being used to calculate how much is “needed” to take care of the child, the income of both parents will be figured in the calculations.  This method is currently utilized by 39 other states.  Those who are currently in the child support system it is unknown if their situations will be readjusted according to the new method.

Only time will tell if this new system is going to work.

Read more as reported by Week:

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Starting July 1, the method to calculate child support payments in Illinois will change.

The state is shifting to an “income shares” model that determines payments by looking at the typical costs to families in similar circumstances. The incomes of both parents will also be factored in.

“With Illinois becoming the 40th state to adopt the income shares model, we will be using an approach that has become increasingly endorsed by experts and advocates in the field,” said Felicia Norwood, Director of the Department of Healthcare and Family Services.

Child support payments are currently determined based on the income of the parent who owes the payments, and the number of children involved. With the new income shares method, the incomes of both parents are added together to determine how much money is needed to raise the child, and the amount of money each parent owes is calculated.

The state oversees about 500,000 child support cases annually.

Source: Week

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