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Deadbeat Daddy Tells His Babies Mama He Doesn’t Want His Kids In Front Of The Police

With the countless amount of people who aren’t able to have children what we’ve witness in the video below just proves that women should be more careful with whom they choose to bear children with.  A man is captured on video shouting at his babies mama that he does not want his kid and he’ll see her in court as they argue outside the dude’s current chick’s home where a policeman was present for the drop off of the kids.

This deadbeat also tells her he don’t care about child support because she won’t get anything.  This piece of work definitely qualifies for the scum of the earth award.  Karma is truly a beast and this dude can best believe his will come and with any luck it will hurt to the core just like he hurt his kids.

Read more as reported by The black Loop:

Photo Credit: Mediatakeout Video Screenshot

This situation might make you question what’s really going on in these streets. In front of police, a man just told his “babies” mama that he does not want his kids.

How can someone freely give up their own flesh and blood like this? In a video uploaded by Media Takeout, Tyrone Davis of Michigan stands outside a current girlfriend’s house in a heated discussion with his baby mama.

A police officer is present allegedly because Davis — by court order — is supposed to have his kids on particular weekends, according to the video.

At the beginning of the footage, you see Davis explaining to the officer that he told his kids’ mother he’d simply see her in court, because he “doesn’t want them.”

The argument continues as Davis clarifies he does not want his children, as his baby mama asks “why”. Davis states that he doesn’t have to tell her why, but all she needs to know is that he doesn’t want them — regardless of having them cry in the car.

The officer told the woman — due to her video coverage — she had the evidence needed to present her case in court. With that said, she mentioned to Davis he’d end up having to pay child support if he didn’t take the kids as agreed.

“I don’t care about child support,” Davis exclaims. “You ain’t gonna get nothing!”

Eventually, she lets him know she’s going to file for sole custody — essentially trying to reason with him about his kids. However, he continues in his decision.

“I don’t want’m this week!”

If you’re interested in the video, check it out below.

According to the baby mama, Davis lives with a girlfriend, “Mandy Allen,” she notes in the footage. She says he told her he was taking his car to “his brother’s house.” However, as can be seen from the video, that wasn’t the case.

The video has gone mega viral as many commentators voice their opinions about his lack of empathy and accountability.

Facebook user Chaka Vigne mentions as follows.

“Why does he get to choose when he wants to be a father… we can’t pick when we can be a mother… he is tripping over ONE WEEKEND… which means she has had them the whole d**m week… why does she have to be mad he moved on… why do we make so many excuses for men….”

Chaka was also responding about other people’s comments concerning the baby mama — those who say “she’s just bitter” and is mad he’s moved on.

Yet, while it’s one thing to move on from your relationship, the kids shouldn’t be part of that move.

“D**ned if you do d**ned if you don’t. She has a court order for this man to get his kids,” Key Hicks notes. “If she doesn’t drop off the kids y’all going to talk about her. Here she is trying to drop off the kids and you’re still talking about her. You can’t win for losing. Go get your sole custody and child support baby girl.”

All in all, let us know your thoughts about this man’s response to his kids. Do you know anyone in a similar situation? How did they handle things? If you have any comments, feel free to share them via our Facebook page.

Source: The Black Loop

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