Ear Hustle


Do you remember going for your first ever job interview?

A Wake County teenager ran into a roadblock before he even got to his, and what happened next was caught on camera. Now, it’s going viral.

It all started with a picture at the Target store near Triangle Town Center.

Audrey Mark is a loyal target shopper, but Wednesday she noticed something different.

“I see this young teen being hovered over by this Target employee,” said Audrey. “So, as a mom of three teens, I go to what did he do.”

However, she noticed the employee fixing the teen’s tie, and because it seemed unusual she snapped a picture.

“I hear him peppering him with all this advice on interview skills and handshakes,” said Audrey.

It started like any other day at the Target. Cathy Scott saw a teenage customer looking for something.

“I asked him if he needed help and he told me he needed clip on ties,” said Cathy. “We didn’t have any.”

So Cathy went to her co-worker, Dennis Roberts.

“Cathy says, ‘Can you tie a tie?’ I said, ‘Yes,'” said Dennis.

So the teen bought a tie and brought it to Dennis.

“We took the wrapping off it, and I tied it on my neck, and fit it over head adjusted it and tightened it…fixed all his collar buttons and he was set to go,” said Dennis.

However, the Target team did more than fix his tie. They also prepped him for an interview.

“We said, ‘Make sure you look him in the eye.’ I’m saying make sure you give him a firm handshake, and she showed him… he tucked his shirt in,” said Dennis.

“He was saying, ‘Yes, mam’ and he was just soaking it all in,” said Scott.

That’s when Audrey Mark took the picture.

“It was a very quiet simple moment, but it was very profound honestly kindness… from strangers… in a Super Target,” said Audrey. “He leaves and all these Target employees are screaming ‘Bye! Good luck! Tell us how it went.'”

“We were just here to help a young man get a job and forward his future,” said Dennis.

“I got so emotional. I got teary,” said Audrey.

Audrey and Cathy both cried.

“It touched your heart. It still does,” said Cathy.

Thursday, the Target team went to a nearby Chick-Fil-A and checked in with the manager to see how the interview went.

They don’t know who the kid is, but the manager said they will let him know by the end of the week if he got the job. The Target employees told him what a nice kid he was with them.

Source: Abc11.com

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