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Katt Williams Is At It Again; Video Surfaces Of An Alleged Beatdown At A Club

Earlier this month, Katt Williams recorded a video denying rumors that he’s a cocaine addict after radio personality Big Tigger accused the controversial comic of being on that white girl.

Katt said it was impossible for him to be a coke head because he can only breathe through one nostril, thanks to a tumor he had removed from his sinuses during his Marine days. In fact, he doesn’t do drugs at all, claiming in the video, “I get my blood tested every three months for the last 15 years. All narcotics have come up 0.00%.”

So, perhaps it was the alcohol that convinced Katt to go sucker punch a man while partying in Philadelphia Sunday night. The Pimp Chronicles comedian was spotted at Beanie Sigel’s concert at Trocadero Theatre when Katt got a little unhinged and punched a party patron out of nowhere. Next thing you know it was “Pimp Down!” as the 44-year-old was then recorded getting jumped and stomped by a couple of Timberland boots-wearing Philly goons.

Katt later made a video denying getting stomped the hell out.

Katt Williams

photo credit: video Screenshot

“I heard the same rumors you heard, the comic said while drinking his Gatorade. “I heard Katt Williams was at a club on Beanie Sigel birthday, after his show […] You done see clearly that ain’t no n**** popped me in my motherf*ckin’ mouth because I’m still talking as reckless as I was talking at the show the prior evening.”

As for the rumors he was also robbed during the scuffle, Katt says they must’ve missed his $75,000 rolex and two chains in the process of beating him up because he walked in the club with his jewelry on and he walked out with his jewelry on.

I don’t know about the robbery part, but the video does look like Katt was on one and wanted to get into it with somebody. Before the fight, he’s seen doing pushups and bouncing about like his name’s Ryu.

Source: UPROXX

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