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An Atlanta Woman’s Now SOLD OUT Sex Birthday Party Invite Has The Internet Going Crazy And Questioning Black Millennials Views On Sex

EarHustle411 is not quite sure whether to be shocked or overly concerned with the post.  An Atlanta woman who is a self-professed lover of sex and all that it entails as she quoted in an interview she had with Rolling Out Magazine. (click the link below)  As we know sex definitely sells and it’s a $97 billion dollar business globally and roughly $14 billion in the US.  With all the things that emerges from sex like multiple children,  countless diseases,  illicit activities and the list goes on and on, it’s no wonder this party invite is going viral.  The #ATLOrgy as the shindig is referred to is set to take place on 3-18 and 3-19, 2017 at an undisclosed location and the cost of the “event” is not nearly as expensive as going to the Moonlite Bunny Ranch or any other “legalized” brothel in Nevada.   Of course people are free to make the choices to do what they wish however people should be prepared to accept the consequences of their choice.  The party is now “sold out” and this type of celebration is either going to be condemned or celebrated.

Read more as reported by Rolling Out:

Photo Credit: CidneyG (Tumblr)

Photo Credit: CidneyG (Tumblr)

In a city like Atlanta, where the rate of new HIV infections is being likened to a third-world country, the #ATLOrgy has set Black Twitter on fire. Apparently, the whole thing started with a very raunchy online birthday party bash for a Black woman named Cidney G. She announced on the website “kundalinikak” that she will be having a sex party on March 18-19, 2017, in a private location. The prices for pre-paid admission only were single ladies- $99.99, couples-$175.00 and single men $175. But according to the website, the prices may rise as the date draws closer. The first slot for 35 people filled up and another package was added for an overnight slumber party. Participants are told that there will be condoms as well as full sexual expression and promises of “Great vibes, Good Ratchet Music, Amazing Food and Swangin’ Balls!”

The party is causing many to wonder if Black millennials are taking the risk of HIV and other diseases seriously. Some feel that the drugs Truvada and the PreP regime give them a license for carefree sex. One minute of sex can equal a lifetime of struggles with HIV or other sexually transmitted disease

Yesterday, the #ATLOrgy and #AtlantaOrgy trended heavily on Black Twitter with some hilarious tweets. Here is what Black Twitter thinks about the upcoming #ATLOrgy.

Source: Rolling Out

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1 Comment

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