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Self-Proclaimed Sex Enthusiast Is A NO SHOW At Her Own #ATLOrgy Birthday Party Leaving Party Goers “Hanging”

The invitations were put out, participants paid their money in anticipation of attending the #ATLOrgy party and having what could have been the “best” time of their lives.  Only one thing put a screeching halt to the festivities…the birthday girl was a NO SHOW!!

Tonight tho… #atlantaorgy #atlorgy

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Social media was going totally crazy about the birthday party being held by self-proclaimed sex enthusiast Cidney Green who is also goes by the name Total Liberation according to her Instagram profile.  The XXX rated party was to be held over the weekend of March 18-19th at a private location in Atlanta but apparently the “shindig” didn’t happen.  A few party participants took to Twitter over their disappointment about the “event” being a total bust.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

There’s truth to the saying “if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t!!”  At $99.99 – $175 a pop one has got to me more careful where they spend their money.  EarHustle411 hopes Ms. Green does the right thing and refund the people’s money but the likelihood of that happening just may be a NO GO!!

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