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Justice or Is It Just Us!!

I am usually the type of person that doesn’t get too excited about much.  The case of Clifford Hall of Houston, TX was sentenced to 6 months in jail for situations related to his child support has really gotten my blood to boil.  The issues were clearly not his fault, and those who are at fault are not being held responsible AT ALL!!

The mother of his child is being uncooperative, the judge is being extremely insensitive and the only person keeping a level head is Mr. Hall. Now with that being said Mr. Hall has had to turn himself in to jail today to begin serving his unjustly applied sentence.


The entities that were really responsible for the mishap have not made any statements as to their involvement in this situation.  If all this has stemmed from miscommunication that obviously Mr. Hall did not receive I sure wonder who is going to set up and face the music just like Mr. Hall did.  He most certainly does not deserve to go to jail for something that he had no control over, but this is another case where severe sensitivity training would have come in handy.  Just because you have a law that states you can do a certain thing does not always mean that it has to be enforced especially considering the snafu surrounding the situation.


Mr. Hall’s employer has yet to speak and I wonder that they will do to ensure that he will still have employment after he does this 6 month unmitigated sentence.  Judge Millard is in the position to stop all of this madness, I believe that her pride was challenged because of Mr. Hall walking out the courtroom but to put a man in jail as oppose to giving them a hefty fine is quite severe.

I would love to hear the child’s mother speak out because the first question she should be asked is simple “What are you going to do for support now that the father of your child is locked up?” and this could prove to be a never-ending situation because he is still responsible for the support while he is in jail, if he does not pay that by May 26, 2014, the possibility of him being locked again or longer is great.


Basically in a nutshell, a man’s life has been turned topsy turvy all because of vindictiveness, pride and irresponsibility on the part of others that were trusted to do a job and they dropped the ball.

People are outraged by this issue and a petition has been setup to try to get the judge to free Mr. Hall, feel free to show your support.


I pray that Mr. Hall comes through this debacle and comes out shining like new money!!!

Blessings on you!!


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