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Just Wrong!!! Man Pranks Girlfriend By Pretending To Kill Their Son In An Explosion

Roman Atwood

Photo Credit: You Tube

This YouTube video has seven million views and it was put up only yesterday. DidBeyoncé drop a single? Did Kanye West put out a presidential campaign vid? No such luck. A terrible man pranked his girlfriend by pretending that he blew up their 3-year old son. Yeah, you read that right.

YouTube star Roman Atwood gained infamy overnight last year when a prank that he pulled on his girlfriend Brittney Smith garnered millions of views. His prank confession of cheating backfired when his girlfriend realized it was a prank and told him she had also cheated. The video now has 69 million views.

He then stunned the masses with a video titled “Killing My Own Kid,” where he sent a dummy of their son to a deathly fall in front of said girlfriend.

And now we have this “prank,” where a woman thinks her little boy has died in a fiery crash. We realize he’s known for these controversial pranks but this one actually made our stomach hurt.

If we were Brittney or Kane (the one who Ryan keeps deciding to pretend to kill) we would leave immediately. “BAI DAD.” You have officially taken the joke too far. Watch in horror as we did as he tricks his girlfriend into thinking he has killed their son.

Source: E Online

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