Blogger Necole Bitchie Talks About Her Messy Life And Being Broke After Shutting Down Her Successful Blog [Video]

If you asked someone who is Necole Kane, the average person would say they don’t know but ask them who is Necole Bitchie and they will surely give you the rundown on who she is.  One has to admit that this woman found her niche and created a brand that celebrities actually respected.  In 2015 she shut down NecoleBitchie.com and took some time off from the world of blogging and eventually reemerged with xonecole.com.  Necole released a video on her YouTube channel discussing her life and how she has went from a being successful and on top of the world to being broke and going through the lowest of low times since she has been kicked out of her relative’s home.

Necole Kane

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At one point in the video Necole’s emotions began to take over and she admits to being unsure of where her life is going and facing the possibility of having to go back to her aunt’s house.  The fact of the matter is we all go through things in out lives and Necole has reached a point in her life that required a change, one that ultimately shook her world to the core.  She is still here and has begun to bounce back, so with that being said Necole is to be commended for sticking it out and not giving up on herself.   She has also received overwhelming support and encouragement from several celebrities praising her for stepping away from a successful brand to fulfill another purpose in her life. 

Necole posted the following statement to all aspiring entrepreneurs: 

To aspiring entrepreneurs: comparison is evil. It creates fear, self-doubt and can drive you off the path to success. Also, Never forget your “why.” Why you do what you do is far important than what you actually do and it’s what will keep you pushing though the hard times. It’s a reminder of your purpose.

Keep on keeping on Necole!!

Take a look:

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