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“Internet Sensation Antoine Dodson Pleads for help From God via YouTube video”


Former internet sensation “Hide yout Kids Hide your WifeAntwan Dodson is making a plea to God for help.  He’s certainly headed in the right direction.  Recently he announced that he was no longer gay and that he was expecting his first child where he was brutally criticized by many stating that he was pretending to be straight to get attention.

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In 2013, Antoine Dodson renounced his homosexuality and said to have become a ”True Chosen Hebrew Israelite descendant of Judah.” He then spoke with Alicia Menendez from Huffington Post to clarify the reason for his decision


Antwan also stated he gave his life to Christ and was a changed man.  Antwan then disappeared and have been rather silent for the past several months.  However this new video showing his desperate plea for help from god has recently appeared.   Antwan appears to be going through a mental breakdown of some sort as well as depression and is seeking help from the most high. 

I chose to show this video because there are tons of people suffering in silence.  There are so many people going through job loss, death in the family, divorce, break ups, Losing homes and friends and they deal with the pain in silence.  Antwan took it a step further; he took it to God and YouTube. 


 the former Youtube sensation released a very sad and personal video pleading to God for help.


  Watch the video below:


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